Wow...just Wow...

So I was in Sam's with Finn, and we were waiting in line for the deli. The lady in front of us in line turns around and says, "Oh, he has such beautiful hair! Is it natural?"


So I said, "No, we dye it about once a month to keep it nice and shiny dark brown. We use that new toddler Clairol. It's great stuff!"

Okay, I didn't really...but I sure as heck thought it. What I really said was something like, "Why thank you, yes it is."

But it gets better. She goes on to say, "You just don't see many little ones with hair so dark. What is his background?"

*blinks* Did you really just ask me my child's ethnic background standing in line in Sam's when you don't know me at all? Really?

My manners often overpower my snark and I didn't tell her how inappropriate her comments were, but I sure as heck thought it. I mean I know she was well meaning. It was just so strange and surreal. LOL I felt a little sorry for her husband. You gotta wonder what comments come out of her mouth on a regular basis. hehehe


Julia said…
My Word! People say the damnedest things these days. Crimeny.
I like the way you think -- her poor husband. I never would have gone there.
Ms Snarky Pants said…
Julia, I know! It's just crazy!

Susan, well, he was standing there next to her with a barely masked look of OMG. LOL
Julia Smith said…
'toddler Clairol' - LOL! She probably would have wanted to know where she could get some...
Oh my exceedingly rude and crude! I think it's often difficult to have an appropriate comeback at the time simply because we find ourselves gobsmacked by such totally unexpected comments. Yikes! :-0

Jennifer Shirk said…
Oh jeez. People are crazy. LOL
Vixen said…
Most times my manners overpower my snark also. But honestly, after the second comment I just know I would have said something like "1/2 alien and 1/2 zombie, quite rare you know"

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