That Kid's Got Smarts

Remember the haunted bridge?

Well I was trying to convince Bryon to take us for a ride to get the kids to fall asleep, and I thought I'd show him the bridge. Not cross the bridge mind you. Cause holy cow no way in the dark am I crossing that thing! Just go look at it. Maybe poke around with our trusty EVP meter.

No, we don't really have an EVP meter. I was just kidding.

So this conversation went down...

Bryon: You want to go out to the bridge now?
Me: Yeah, sure why not?
Bryon: Because you want to see if there are any ghosts...
Me: Yeap.
Nicky: Are they nice ghosts?
Me: *Hugs him* Of course, they're nice ghosts babe. They wouldn't hurt you.
Nicky: Well, fine, but I'm taking my sword.
Me: Huh?
Nicky: Because there are nice ghosts and there are not nice ghosts, and I'm taking my sword just to be sure.


Not leaving anything to chance. He'll be a good man to have around.
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Lesley Speller said…
Julia: He sure is! As long as he's on your side. LOL

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