Finn's ER Trip for Stitches

Yes, that is an ER room where my son is singing Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star. He fell onto the corner of the filing cabinet that is now in my yard awaiting me and my baseball bat to beat it all to hell and gashed his lip open. It took 6 hours and 3 stitches.

He was very chipper for most of the time in the ER. Until they actually stitched him up. Then he kept insisting that he wanted to go home. I kept telling him I did too!

He hasn't really seemed bothered by it as long as I keep him dosed with Motrin, but he has been waking up from sleep with TERRIBLE nightmares since it happened. I think those nightmares probably include being wrapped up like a burrito and held down by three nurses while a doctor sews up his lip.

And this is his 3rd ER visit...he'll be 2 on Monday. I find those statistics frightening!!!


Amanda said…
Oh the poor baby... and the poor mommy!! Beat that filing cabinet into a pile of rubble.

As for the ER... yeah, I've done my time there. I'll likely do more. Sigh.
Vixen said…
The poor thing. And you too. When MacD was just shy of 3, he and Nanny were jumping on the bed and he fell against the headboard. I put him up on my kitchen counter to stop the bleeding and when he screamed I could see inside to his teeth! Yep, he bit all the way through. Two stitched outside and three inside. And seriously, the worst? The nightmares about that damned papoose board they strapped him to. Funny thing tho, when the doc went to put in the first stitch he sucked the needle/string out of the docs hands and clamped his mouth shut. Took me 20 mins to talk him into opening his mouth so the doc could stitch him up. The doc was so mad he started yelling at him and the nurse told the doc to leave the room until he could control his temper...he was a grand bastard.
Julia said…
Don't feel bad. Wyatt had his first stitches in the corner of his eye when he was about 19 months. He fell on a ZIPPER! Then Ella had a forehead gash and needed stitches too when she was a little over two. But I am hoping it is a case of pay me now and I am DONE with this stuff.

And yes your children are shaggy haired beasts! LOL. No really, my husband is just nuts with short hair. I like it a little longer on Wyatt too, but I relent to the nagging from Mike to keep Wyatt shorn. :)

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