Amusing Anecdotes from Eclipse Midnight Showing

Yes, that's right. I did go with my bestie to the midnight release of Eclipse. And yes I did get there hours early. And yes, I did have a smashing good time.

Last time (yes we went to New Moon too) there were fairly normal people surrounding us. This time I'm afraid...well...they were special.

Heard while waiting in line outside the theater.
Girl 1: Yeah, our freezers went down so our boss went and got some dried ice to keep it cold.
Girl 2: Oh no!
Girl 1: Yeah, the guy I work with said, "Should we really be serving this ice cream to people? What if they get CO2 Poisoning?"

Okay, sweetie. CO2 is carbon dioxide. You're surrounded by it all the time. It can't poison the ice cream.

Heard while sitting inside the theater.

Another Girl 1: OMG I just don't understand his taste in women. We were sitting there, and he was staring at this chick jogging by. I mean her butt was jiggling when she ran! It was disgusting.

Wow...there are people whose butt doesn't jiggle when they run? How do they have the energy to run if they don't have enough stored body fat that the fattiest part of their body doesn't move when they jog... And contrary to what you might have been led to believe not everyone finds 0% body fat attractive.

Also heard while sitting in the theater.

Same Girl 1: You know, that Lady Gaga Song, Alejandro? What does that even mean anyway? Alejandro?
Her friend: I think it's a name.

Yes, dear. It's a name.

I swear. These young uns today!


Julia said…
I just shake my head every time i encounter teens to early 20 somethings.
Amanda said…
My dears, we are getting older. Fortunately, we also appear to be getting wiser... and from the quotes you gave I find myself wondering if the latter will be an option for those little darlings!

Butt jiggle indeed. *snort*
Jennifer Shirk said…
Ah, to be that young again. (or maybe NOT) LOL!

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