Cool or Lame?

Okay, so there are some books out there that have "a thing." Like the heroine likes to cook so the author includes some of the recipes she cooks during the story.

Well the fairy queen in my books is a crafter. She has two separate and distinct lifetimes, one that ends in the 1100s and one that is modern day. Back in the day she was a weaver. In modern day, she's a pretty funky chick. I think the right craft for her in modern day would be crocheting. More specifically making little goth amigurumi characters. So I figured it could be cool to come up with some patterns and include them.

What do you think? Cool or lame?


Julia said…
I will say coooool.
Vixen said…
I swear I left a comment here already.....

Anyway, I say very cool. Very, very cool!

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