Laziness Turned Science Experiment

So last time we played in the kiddie pool I didn't empty the water. Then it rained. Then it rained again. Suffice it to say a good week went by with water in there. So it got icky.

Yesterday I went out to dump the water and found small gelatinous clusters with little black dots int he middles. Yeap, some mommy frog had left her eggs in our pool. Doh! Well I couldn't just dump them out, because guilt wouldn't let me. But I didn't want to be without a pool either.

So after Bryon got home from work Nick and I went to the store and got a big 10 gallon aquarium. I filled it with water from the pool and put all the eggs in it.

Today when we went out and checked on them today they had grown little tails on their dots and were occasionally wiggling around. Nicky is very excited and I must admit I am too. :-D


WAY cool! Be sure to take pictures. Lots of them.
Amanda said…
Oh how cool! Tadpoles are awesome.

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