Tadpoles Update

So our 100s of tadpoles hatched. We made three separate trips to the lake to release them until we had just about 20 left.

So after we had our numbers decreased to manageable level we watched them grow. Unfortunately for some reason I didn't get many pictures of them with just their back legs, but I got some when they were morphs.

That is a picture of me trying to convince the froggie to have even the slightest interest in the crickets we got for them. Alas none of them would even touch the crickets.

So once they were full fledged frogs...

Of the gray tree frog variety (I think) then we let them go so that they could hunt their own food.

We still have one tadpole...He's unique. He's larger than the others and has been the slowest to morph. Also one of his back legs doesn't seem to work quite right. So if we can find food for him that he'll eat he may stay with us as a pet. We'll see how that goes.


Amanda said…
Very cool! Tadpoles are just awesome, especially for little kids to watch as they change.

Okay, and bigger kids too... :D
Julia said…
Awesome project for your kids. Just fabulous educational frogucation!
Vixen said…
What a great thing to do with the kids. And aren't you just a big sweetie caring for the special tadpole!

Also your crocheting is fantastic! Keep up the good work.
Jennifer Shirk said…
They're so tiny!
But a really cool pet and good little life cycle learning experience for your kids. :)

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