Thursday Thirteen #16

This week has been an absolute freaking nightmare! If weeks had a delete key, I'd totally click that sucker!!! So as an attempt to bring things into perspective, I'm going to list...

13 Things That Didn't Suck About This Week

1. No one I love is dead or mortally wounded.

Well, no one who hasn't been dead for some time at least.

2. The project at work that has been tormenting me was completed today!

Yay! We've been working on that thing for weeks, and it's about made me ready to pull my hair out. I was beginning to seriously consider just crawling in a hole and giving up.

3. Nicky and I made a craft together!!!

Check it out! That was a lot of fun! He's so cute!

4. Nicky got his passport.

I was really beginning to get concerned that it might not get here in time what with all the articles I keep reading about how backed up the passport offices are, but it's here, and I don't have to worry about it anymore! Yay!

5. We got a better flight.

Delta called me today and told me that one of our flights for September got changed which will make us miss another flight. The man was very apologetic. I guess he gets yelled at alot or something. I told him not to worry about it, and he actually thanked me. So anyway, this was going to put us in the airport in Atlanta for six hours! I almost cried! Six hours in an airport with an angry probably tired baby! That would not be my idea of pleasant afternoon. He found me a flight the next day that doesn't have any crazy lay overs and is actually minus one of the connecting fights. Yay! So we don't have to fly through Charles de Gaulle in Paris, and that airport is the suck so I'm all about missing out on that. Charles de Gaulle without the benefit of Paris? What's the point? Delta's customer service is spectacular! I highly recommend them if you're flying anywhere.

6. Today is Thursday.

Which is the day before Friday! I think you catch my drift.

7. I didn't lose my camera.

I thought for a good hour today that I might have lost my camera, but apparently I'd only hidden it from myself. Bryon found it for me.

8. I actually managed to write a post for

It took some poking and prodding by Crystal, but I did manage to do it. :-D I promise I'll be better! hehe

9. I got to ride my scooter!

Granted it was only to the store and back, but at least that's something. I really must ride it more! It was giving me fits to get it started.

Okay, I'm struggling here to think of anything else that didn't suck!

10. There is only today and Friday before Saturday!

11. I ate a Cadbury chocolate bar.

It was good. That didn't suck.

12. I dropped my Axim today, and it didn't break!

Thank goodness for that, I might have fallen apart.

13. It's almost over!!!

Okay, I'm going to go write for like the first time this week. Well I'm going to attempt to write at least. We'll see what happens.

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Lila Dubois said…
Good luck on the writing!
Shelley Munro said…
Eek! Six hours at an airport is a long wait. Sometimes I think the worst part about travel is the waiting at the airports. I hope the writing goes well.
Christine d'Abo said…
You can do the writing! Go for it girl! And a six hour wait at an airport is just plane gross. I'm glad your flight got changed.
Jennifer Shirk said…
That's a girl, accentuate the positive. LOL!

The week IS almost over.
Lisa Andel said…
Dang, hope next week is better. I kept waiting to see "the sun didn't explode" or something similar in the list.
Hugs on the bad week--here's to a terrific weekend!!
Ann Aguirre said…
Congrats on your completed project! That's always such a rush.
Carolan Ivey said…
I had one of those make-me-crazy work projects this week - one of those that you bust your butt to bring in under deadline on very short notice. Then they told me "oops, we didn't have authorization from the client on this, so stop working on it."


I still get paid, but I hate wasted effort of any kind. :P
-atomik kitten said…
Way too look at the bright side of things!! You rock!
FRIGGA said…
Well starting off with #1 - things can't be all that bad...
Happy TT13 :P
Vixen said…
A better flight and great customer service from Delta? That isn't just a non-sucky thing, that is an awesome thing.
Peter Plum said…
Wow, sounds like you had a lot going on. Glad at least 13 things are going the right way!
The Rock Chick said…
You're right! None of those things are sucky!! Glad you got your passports in time! I'm hearing so many peopel are having to cancel their trips because of the delays.

Happy TT
Jessica The Rock Chick
Tilly Greene said…
Oh yeah, Charles de Gaulle is no airport you want to be stuck in for 1 hour much less 6! Every time I'm there I think the thing is going to crumble around me.

Sounds like the week was pretty good...and the trip is looking better. I mean passport, check, good itinerary, check, camera, check - yup, September is almost here!
Cassandra said…
Say, thanks for stopping by the Midnight Moon Cafe! Oh, and the best thing to do at Charles de Gaulle airport? Have a very dry martini and people watch. Fascinating stuff, honest.

Glad no one died. That is always a good thing.
Rhian said…
you know - sometimes that's what you gotta do to put it in perspective. I loved the title of the TT! Yeah - it's a sucky week when someone dies. The rest - all works itself out.
Sounds like a happy week, overall. Write well, travel safe, and may you get lots of writing done in the airport.
MAN...rough rough rough!

GOOD LUCK on the writing!!!!

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