Mommy's Little Paleontologist

My little guy has a tendency to bring me all the stones in the yard while we are outside and as a Mommy I am forced to graciously accept them as the most amazing finds in the history of time. So naturally I take them and inspect them in depth and then chunk them over the fence toward the drive way. Now I live in the mountains and we have a few rocks (read: millions). So by about the 100th time he's done it in a ten minute period my rock inspection skills have somewhat dwindled.

However, today Nicholai brought me a really neat rock that looked like it was compressed sea floor sediment with tons of little fossils in it. So I thought awww too cute and stuffed it in my pocket to keep for him to play with later (read: try to eat). So the next time he brought me a rock, approximately ten seconds later, I looked at it and low and behold more fossils.

So obviously my child is gifted and meant to discover a skeleton that will tell us everything we ever wanted to know about every extinct species on the planet. Or maybe he just really likes rocks, but anyway we had a good time. :-D


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