In an Effort to Prevent Pshycological Melt Down...

Okay, I've been trying to work on two novels at one time this past week, but I've decided I get WAY too much into it to do that. The characters are alive all the time in my mind and when I've got two main characters competing for my attention at once...Well lets just say that this could go horribly wrong!

I think I can work on plotting for more than one at once just not the actual writing. Plotting is more about details than emotions and it's the emotions and personalities that get me all confused. Fiona and Marie (from Blood and Violets) are two utterly different personalities. Now you may say what about the other characters in your novel, Lesley? Don't they get all confused too? Well not usually. My heros do occasionally intrude on the party in my head but generally its just me and the heroines planning how to make their lives difficult. ;-D

So who won the tug of war? Fiona. Because while it would make the most logical sense to work on Blood and Violets, I'm finding it difficult to get completely immersed in Marie's world. Despite the fact that its much closer to the reality in which I live.

Reality? Blah!


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