Well Darn It....

Listening to: This Kiss by Faith Hill

I was going to visit my parents and go fishing this weekend, but it looks like its going to rain like crazy tomorrow which would prohibit fishing and make driving a nightmare, so it's a no go.

I guess I'll just have to get my darling husband to help me come up with a new design for my homepage. I think he has some ideas for including some of my 3d art. That'll be fun.

Lishy and I are going to Bath Junkie this afternoon to mix up our long overdue empty bottles of stuff. I'm trying to decide what to put in mine, but it's too darn hard! At least I know what color it'll be. I am a firm believer in the color pink. *looks around at her blogger template* Which is probably pretty obvious. :)

Off to work on Fiona while the munchkin naps.


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