I'm Torn...

Listening to: Carmina Burana

So I read an interview with an author the other day and she suggested that as soon as you get your query letters out for a project you start work on something else. Always a good plan! I've been working on the third and final book set in Medieval Sithein. Now while all of these books can stand alone just fine, they do all compliment each other which means that Dana of the Whispering Wood really needs to be published first.

So here I am...I've got Dana out submitted. Arianna is in the very last phase of tweaking, and I'm starting to write Fiona. I finished off the outline of Fiona about two weeks ago. However, I can't send out submissions about Arianna until I sell Dana so what's a girl to do. I'm afraid I might be wasting my very limited writing time working on something I can't sell until I sell something else. Argh!!!

So I'm thinking perhaps I might start working on a modern day one I have in outline form called Blood and Violets. Or maybe I'll work on both of them at once. When the creativity of one lulls I'll go after the other. I know of others who write two books at the same time. I dunno if it'll work for me though, because I get so deeply entrenched when I'm writing that it might confuse my tenuous grip on reality.

We shall see...

I'm playing with my 3D program right now creating a model of Marie, the heroine from Blood and Violets. I'm off to that again. :D


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