Obviously I've Been Neglecting My Chocolate

Well my dang blood pressure went up. Not crazy high or anything 142/82, but enough so that they are probably going to want to induce me if it isn't back down by tomorrow when I go for a checkup. According to my home blood pressure cuff which I take with a grain of salt since it will give me 20 point differences one right after another... it's still about the same it was yesterday. No higher so at least there is that!

They also put me on the fetal monitor for 20 minutes or so because when she checked his heart rate it was really high, 185. He had of course been doing his usual jumping jacks right when she was trying to get his heart rater though. On the monitor it stayed in the lower 160s and upper 150s so they weren't worried about it.

I was having contractions when they were monitoring him and they were completely regular, but they weren't even strong enough for me to feel. At least maybe that's a sign that he'll be here soon without having to serve him an eviction notice!


Vixen said…
Eat more chocolate.

I seem to recall with the second one the labor pains didn't feel like much of anything and by the third one, I was playing cards through them. So be careful, don't want is exit to sneak up on you.

PS Did I forget to put the eviction notice in with the blanket?
Me said…
The only ones I've had before this pregnancy were pitocin induced and I hear those don't even compare to normal contractions so I'm kind of afraid I won't know that I'm actually in labor! :D

I did have some crampy possible contractions today so. *crosses fingers*

The blanket arrived today. It's so beautiful! Thank you so much!!! *HUGS*

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