Oh Lord!

My child is such a mess!

Nicky was playing Mario 3, and this conversation took place...

Bryon: I wanna watch a movie.
Nicky: No, I playin!
Bryon: I wanna watch That 70s Show.
Nicky: No! I playin, Daddy!!
Bryon: I wanna watch a movie.
Nicky: *turns around glaring angrily* I wanna pinch you!!!

Followed immediately by...

Bryon: I wanna watch a...
Nicky: Movie? No! I playin'!


Jenn said…
LMAO...... I sense the need for a second TV hehehe
Vixen said…
For some reason I can't direct message you on twitter anymore?!?!

Anyway, I hope Finn is doing better and has mellowed the yellow.

Me said…
Jenn: You sound like my husband! If it were up to him we'd have a giant room of tv's like at graceland!

Vixen: Well that's odd! I direct messaged you. We'll see if it works. He's doing alot better. :-D
Kealie Shay said…
OMG... that sounds so familiar. Wait until he discovers Lego Star Wars.
Me said…
Kealie: Oh goodness! What are boys obsession with legos? I mean I like legos, but boys seem to be even more fascinated with them than I could ever be.

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