Thursday Thirteen #51

13 Things I’ve Learned in the Last Few Weeks
  1. Why some people thing bibs are so vital!
    I never understood people's fascination with bibs for little babies. Why they make so many adorable ones for newborns… I understand now!!! Nicky spit up like three times in his entire infancy. Finn spits up three times in one feeding!
  2. That you should never let a nurse give you Pitocin to speed up labor unless she swears a blood oath that you'll get an epidural when you ask for it!
    My water broke at midnight and at six the next morning I still wasn't really in labor. I told them if they gave me Pitocin I'd want an epidural. They did and when I asked for my epidural they said he was with someone else… An hour later during which I'd had the most excruciating pain of my entire life, I was fully dilated and he was still giving someone else her epidural… Well that isn't true at that point he was filling out paperwork… No comment there…
  3. Babies who can be laid down for short periods of time really do exist!
    Finn will let me lay him down without screaming for at least short periods of time sometimes. Nicky screamed the second he left contact with your body!
  4. Fenugreek makes you smell like it!
    It's an herb that helps with milk production, but after a few days on it Finn and I both were stinky!
  5. I'm tired!
  6. Corndogs really are gross.
    For some reason they weren't when I was prego but now they definitely are again!
  7. Though he can be laid down for short periods, he'd much prefer my lap.
    Hence his current location!
  8. This little dude is really particular about his pacifiers!
    Only one specific kind will do!
  9. Apparently it is possible to have twins three years apart.
  10. My little boys are just tooooooo cute!
  11. No, really! I'm quite tired!
  12. It's possible to turn my little boy against me just by "hiding" from him for two days.

    He was really miffed with me when I got home from the hospital. Completely refused to acknowledge me for a good two hours!

  13. I seem to be able to come up with a Thursday thirteen even when I have only had 2 hours or so of cumulative sleep.


Anonymous said…
I have a 6 month old, the youngest of FOUR boys. I can SOOOOO relate to all of the above.

I hope you get some sleep soon.
Anonymous said…
Got a smile out of your 13.

Hang in there. My grandson is 7 weeks so I know you're as sleep deprived as my daughter.
Anonymous said…
I have 4 kids, now teenagers, and you just gave me a big smile thinking about all the spit up and such I've encountered in my life.

And making thankful I'm still not doing that! LOL

Happy TT
Anonymous said…
The question is though: Are you Tired?


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