Cute Boy!

Here is my sad attempt at photographer, but at least I had a great subject!

The beautiful blanket under him is the one that Vixen made for him. Thanks so much again!


Vixen said…
Hey you did a great job. So darn adorable!!! (and I mean the kidlet not the blanket, hee hee)

And you are quite welcome.
Kealie Shay said…
So NOT a sad attempt. Especially since you can see the love with which the picture was taken. His eyes are gorgeous BTW.
Me said…
Vixen: Thanks!

Kealie: Thanks! They seem to change color every day. They were greenish that day, but yesterday they were really blue grey.
Jennifer Shirk said…
Hey, that picture looks professional!

Great job on cutie subject. :)
Me said…
Jennifer: Thanks!
A great big welcome to Finn Gabriel Speller! He's absolutely beautiful, Lesley! You did good work (on the photo too)! :-D
Julia Smith said…
That's a perfect picture. Great photo, beautiful boy - happy mom.
Me said…
Daisy: Thanks!

Julia: Thanks!

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