The Award for the Dumbest Invention EVER goes to...

The Treadmill Bike

No, I'm not kidding. It's a bike that is powered by a treadmill. You run...on a go forward at a slower pace...on a bike.

*stares dumbfounded*

Now you can't tell me that at no time while they were developing this thing did anyone come up to them and smack them upside the head and say..."JUST WALK!"


Jenn said…
I agree........ that's freakin retarded
Anonymous said…
Neat! I enjoyed checking out some of the other bikes on that site. The Couchbike is pretty crazy!
Vixen said…
*Snort* That is very, very dumb
Anonymous said…
Jenn: People are strange!

Anon: That couchbike is pretty darn entertaining!

Vixen: It made me giggle!

Dang it I got myself locked out of my gmail account and can't seem to get back in! This is annoying!
Julia Smith said…
I agree - completely retarded. Thanks for finding this link. Makes me feel brilliant.

By the way, you did a lovely job on your hair.

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