I haven't Disappeared!

It would seem so from my blog, but I have not been abducted by aliens!

The kiddos and work have been keeping me super busy. I have not written in more months than I care to count. Which wasn't so hard when I was prego and had NO inspiration whatsoever, but now I keep getting great ideas and unless I can vastly improve my one handed typing (as I'm currently typing this with the munchkin in the other arm) I won't be able to get any done soon.

Oh well, here are my reasons for being absent...


Anonymous said…
Too freaking cute!

So what do you think that Dr. meant when he said to the Jessica look-alike "I created you" ?!?!?

I am having a hard time waiting the week between. Maybe I should borrow your adorable little ones for distraction?
Anonymous said…
How sweet!!!
Anonymous said…
Vixen: Hmmm early cloning research? That show stresses me out! You can't trust anyone!!! And man, I hate that Petrelli woman!

Jennifer: They are excellent at hiding their evil streaks. hehe

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