So very, very, very tired

Okay, so I just have to say that all viruses and bacteria better stay the hell away from my family for like the rest of the year after the time we've had lately.

So first Bryon got a nasty cold that he had for about two weeks. Then Nicky came down with Rotavirus, which he gave to me. Then I got a HORRIBLE cold (that I still kinda have). Then Bryon got the same cold (Still has it). Then Finn got it, and it turned in to croup.

I have to say croup is HORRIFICALLY AWFUL! He started coughing right about the time the doctor's office was closing. (of course) And it got progressively worse until bed time. That awful barking croup cough. He was making the horrible, wheezing sound when he was upset, but not all the time. I didn't sleep much at all that night. I spent the entire time making sure he could breath. About 3 in the morning I came really close to taking him to the emergency room, but after some steam in the bathroom he was enough better that I decided to wait it out. Especially considering the fact that our emergency room has about an 8 hour wait...So I could probably see the doctor sooner. Fortunately, the doctor gave him some steroids that helped stop the horrible wheezing and coughing. He's much better today.

Last night, however, Nicky started getting fever. Seems to be some sort of stomach virus that I was also lucky enough to get. Oh joy of joys.

So dang it! Everyone needs to get well and no one else needs to get sick again for a LONG LONG LONG TIME!


You poor thing! I hope you all are doing better. I absolutely hate it when they're wheezing.
MsSnarkyPants said…
Jessica, thanks! We all went to the doctor again yesterday and got meds. So hopefully we'll be well soon!

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