House Guest INC

My mother in law is coming in from Denmark to visit so I'll probably not have much time to blog or surf blogs, much less write. I need to finish cleaning up the house and do some shopping before we go pick her up from the airport.

She's too dang good a cook! I absolutely refuse to gain back any of the 22 pounds I've lost. I will be strong!

Too much to do must go clean!


Jennifer Shirk said…
She cooks when she comes over? Ooh, I would be loving that! :)
Have a nice time!
Well, if she cooks that well you just have to eat it. The deal will be only to eat small amounts.

I know I have great ideas. I can't follow through on my own ideas (no willpower), but I have good ideas!
MsSnarkyPants said…
Jennifer: Yeap, my hubby always requests things and how can you turn down your little boy. LOL

Vixen: I don't think she's a believer in small portions.... She always seems offended if you don't have seconds. LOL

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