Nicky's Front Porch Garden

Well as you know, I'm well known for my planticide, but apparently my little guy has a green thumb that somehow counteracts my black one.

Hmmm I just noticed there is an orb in this picture. You know the ones they are always saying are ghosts? Upper right in front of the fence post. Maybe someone sent my poor plants a guardian angel...

So here are Nicky's watermelons.

His pumpkins. These are going to already have to be transplanted soon. I wonder where I should put them where they might not die... hmmmmmm....

My cute little sage sprouts.

Thyme and one tinnnnnnny sprout of rosemary.

The basil I almost apparently didn't like the first planter I had it in, because it was way too moist. So i pulled it out to just it's peat pots and I'm going to replant it again.

The tomato plant that I'm going to transplant to the topsy turvy I bought. Yes, it's that thing that grows your tomatos upside down. hehehe I know I'm a sucker for infomercials.

And three different colors of peppers.

We also have a tiny little green house with different things in it, but they are just now starting to sprout so it wouldn't make a very interesting picture. :D

My azaleas are all blooming too. Sooo purty. :-D

And just cause he's so dang cute!


Julia said…
Ok Mrs Orbits...Isn't that one of those big floppy frizbee things????? And I's say your are doing well on the veggies with your little green helper!
MsSnarkyPants said…
If there was a big floppy frizbee thing flying by toward my pasture that I didn't notice...then I have bigger concerns than my black thumb. hehehehe

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