Gardening, Weeding, and Planting! Oh my!

My mother-in-law arrived today at 11:30am...mind you, she was supposed to get here yesterday at 6pm... Her flight from Newark got canceled due to a nasty storm. They sent her to Houston where she arrived at 3am and then got on a flight this morning that was delayed 40 minutes to Bentonville. But she's here! And can I reiterate why I'm not going to be flying anywhere until the boys are like at least 6! Flying isn't that big a deal if everything goes smoothly, but it doesn't always go smoothly... See here for proof!

But anyway, she's here. :D

So I took advantage of the fact that she was playing with Finn and chatting (in Spanish...seems like they always revert to spanish when they chat...*Lesley doesn't speak Spanish...Danish sure. Spanish nada*) So I took advantage of this fact to get done some of the stuff that has gone neglected due to the fact that my little munchkins are very time consuming, especially Finn. I trimmed the roses that didn't die out from black spot and neglect last year. (That was about 4 of them) Replaced a Forsythia that didn't make it. Well at least I thought it didn't make it. After I yanked it out there were two tinnnnnny branches at the bottom that had survived so I trimmed off all the dead and planted it in the giant empty spot where the dead roses had been in my rose bed. Maybe it'll be the centerpiece of that bed... We'll see... I'll probably manage to kill the rest of it off.

Then I weeded around the azaleas I planted last year. They are going to be COVERED in blooms soon. I can't wait. Well all except the one of them I killed... I bought another to replace that one that I'm going to plant tomorrow. Did I mention how plants whisper to their little seedlings about me buying them if their bad... Cause they do. I'm like plant bane!

I had already bought a couple of basil plants (because I use it like crazy and plant it every year) and I had planned on this year keeping it in a pot on the porch instead of in the herb bed I had. That way I can just walk out on the front porch and water them and stuff instead of having to wait til Bryon was home to watch the wee ones. So Bryon suggested I get those window boxes that attach to the rail. So I got two...and that opened a big ol' can of worms! Now I want to line the whole porch with them! They're awesome. I have the basil and parsley in one and peppers and a tomato plant in another. I'm sure I'll have to move the tomato when it starts getting bigger, but for now it looks cute there. Oh and I planted an eggplant too.

I hope I don't kill them! We shall see! Nicky is very helpful at reminding me to water because he gets to do it so he asks about it all the time. He's a great helper. He helped me plant them too. Such a cutie pie!

Then I weeded part of the walkway lining area. Why weeded and not weed eatted? Weed ate? whatever... Because I planted a bunch of Vinca there, and it's all mixed in with the weeds and I had to get down and carefully identify before I plucked out. I still pulled two big pieces of Vinca. Oops! I got about a forth of the way done before the sun went down so I'll have to finish it tomorrow. I noticed that my phylox that I thought I killed like two years ago came back! See some plants can survive my care!


Jenn said…
I bought plants today myself, but about the time I got home, the guys decided they wanted La Huerta tonight and then a movie. They'll have to wait for tomorrow! Such a beautiful day today was! And I'm glad your mother-in-law finally made it in :)
MsSnarkyPants said…
Jenn, did you notice snow in the forecast for early next week?
That must be some seriously hearty phlox. I love that you kill everything just by looking at it, because it makes me look like an expert gardener! Ha ha.
MsSnarkyPants said…
Vixen: :P hehehehe I'm glad my ineptitude is good for something. :-D
Julia said…
Gardening is not for the faint hearted. After calling out a holy war on the snails I had to squash so many that I am immune to their cries... And my plants must be able to suffer the wrath of the gophers! There's my second front against the invaders and takers of my lands...

Glad to see you got some deserved garden time though!
MsSnarkyPants said…
I would have a much harder time hating gophers than hating snails! Gophers are pretty darn cute!

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