How to Add Headings to Just One Part of a Document

Ok, I did this as a test to see if it even worked, but it kinda cracks me up. So here you have it. Complete with commentary from Nicky and soundtrack by Finn. LOL


Julia said…
Don't you love microsoft Word!!!
MsSnarkyPants said…
That's usually said to me laced with sarcasm...but yes, yes I do!!! hehehe Especially 2007. It makes me all giddy! *regains some control*...umm...I mean... You know, it's okay.
Linda Nguyen said…

Thanks for stopping by my blog and I appreciate your comment about Wuthering Heights.

I also thought that the way they're marketing it gets the book to younger readers, but I just think there are better ways of doing it then slapping a ribbon, saying it's Bella and Edward's favourite book, because I don't remember that ever being said or written. Just because it's featured in Twilight, both as an actual mention and literalily, that doesn't make it Bella and Edward's favourite book. Others have also said that since these two are fictional characters, it just doesn't seem right.

I apppreciate both sides of a story and I'm glad you've commented. That's what it's for.

To be honest, now that the post has been written, feels like the steam is cooling off. =P
Lesley Speller said…
You have a point. I don't remember anyone saying it was their favorite either. Don't they talk about Romeo and Juliet and Edward talks about how stupid they are only to almost do exactly the same kind of thing! Or maybe I made that up... LOL

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