Goodbye Easter Bunny *sniffs*

Okay, so the other day Bryon gets home from work and let's the dogs out into the backyard as he usually does. And then comes in to change clothes before I leave to take Nicky to swim class. Well I hear Fippy, our BIG lab mix, going berserk in the backyard. I look out the window and scream and bang on the glass, because he's got a rabbit in his mouth. Bryon comes in freaking out cause he heard me scream (not shout, scream!) and I tell him to hurry because Fippy is killing a bunny!

Alas, it was too late for the poor bunny. *sniffles* It kinda makes me feel all sad and panicky just thinking about it . I mean I know he's a dog and that the bunny was prey on his territory, but I didn't talk to that dog for three days.

Now you may think why are you so sad about a wild bunny? Well because this is the bunny we always saw eating clover in the front yard, and the bunny Nicky saw in the backyard just after Easter this year and came running in squealing with glee telling me he had just seen the Easter Bunny. Bryon says I'm crazy. that it's not the same one. That there are lots of rabbits out there, but I'll believe it when I see another one... *Sniffles* Poor little bunny.

So of course after I shrieked at the top of my lungs, "Fippy is killing a bunny," Nicky wanted to know why Fippy would kill a bunny. Oops! Well, we convinced him that he didn't really kill him that he just hurt him and Daddy took him to the field to be with the other bunnies and get better... Cause really he's 3, we don't need to have that particular conversation yet.

I thought he was convinced at least...

So today I was at work and Bryon was home with the munchkins, and Bryon says to Nicky, "Hurry up! Quick like a bunny!" Because we have always said that to him when he's being a slow poke and we want him to speed up a little.

Today however, he turned to Bryon with a very thoughtful look on his face and said. "Daddy, bunnies are fast, aren't they?"

"Yes, bunnies are fast," was my husband's reply.

"But Fippy is faster," Nicky says with all seriousness.

"Ummm....yeah...Fippy is really fast too."

I'm not sure we have him convinced...


Julia said…
Oh how sad. Rabbits are cool and dont dig holes under horse arenas. I hate when bunnies are killed like that but what can you do??

Occasionally my cats have brought back little baby jack rabbits but luckily I can say less than five times in over 8 years.

Sad bunny. Sad Nick!
Ms Snarky Pants said…
Yikes! Holes under the horse arena are a very, very bad thing! I understand now the need for ground squirrel extermination!

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