The Birds and The Bees

A woman's best friend has a dream about a positive pregnancy test, the next day she has a dream about a positive pregnancy test - a ridiculously complicated one mind you with four sets of lines, and then the woman's husband has a dream that she's pregnant. The woman then assures her husband that she's not having sex for the rest of the month so that these dreams do not come true as she's NOT ready to be pregnant again yet.

Husband: You're really not going to have sex with me this month?
Wife: Yes, It's not going to happen. I REALLY don't wanna get pregnant right now.
Husband: You're not going to get pregnant just because we have sex.
Wife: *stares at him* How do you think it happens exactly?

I couldn't make this stuff up.


Julia said…
Dude that is so like my sarcastic husband but you probably could conclude that one already. :) I know this kind of pain.
But on an important note....dreams like that? Happen around me. So you are still remaining celibate, right? Or do you want more kids now?
Ms Snarky Pants said…
LMAO Not yet!!! Need to lose more weight! So yes. ;) Actually celibacy is somewhat enforced as MIL is visiting and our bedroom is in what used to be the living room now. LOL So no privacy. hehehe
Anonymous said…
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