The Dragon and The Knight

I did a photo shoot back in September of my boys dressed up in their Halloween costumes, and it turned out so cute that I wrote a story (in limericks) that went along with it. I just got the book I made of it from Lulu, and it's super cute!


And guess what! You can buy it too. ;) Now don't everyone storm the site at once, because we don't want to crash it. Everyone take your time. hehe

Seriously though, I'm very pleased with it. I hope my boys feel the same!


Julia said…
That photo is great!! I am off to see it now. :)
Just stopping by to say thank you for your kind words and happy birthday wishes, Lesley! I truly appreciate it. :-)

That photo is the cutest thing ever! And what a great idea to make a book. Your kids will treasure that.

Anonymous said…
What a really great idea. I wonder if I should to a book for the girls for Xmas.

Oh and guess what?????? You are my lucky winner. Go to my blog and see!
Julia said…
Question: How do you make the mock up before you send it over to Lulu?
What a fantastic idea! It's funny, but the woman I used to work for as her daughter's nanny called me today and said she'd just been looking at the book I made once upon a time, starring her daughter. I put it all together, photos and text, in a photo album. That was twenty years ago! I'm totally impressed with your Lulu version.
Lesley Speller said…
Julia: Thanks! It may be my favorite picture of all time. :-D

Susan: I hope they like it! :-D I know stories staring me were awesome when I was a wee one. hehe

Vickie: Definitely! The girls would LOVE IT! Especially Ladybug.

Julia: Awww you must have been the best nanny ever! :-D
Anonymous said…
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