Working My Tail Off

Okay, yesterday I got my prelit tree out to decorate...only it wasn't prelit anymore... Now it's been going down hill for the last couple years, and though I tried my best to track down the problem it was a cheap tree and I couldn't figure out what was going on. So I ripped all the lights off the tree. *and a few branches unintentionally - OOPS* Then I only had one string of lights so I draped the tree in net lights before stringing that one on. After that the boys and I decorated it. It looks...special. :-D And it's leaning, but oh well I'll just have to keep my eyes open after Christmas this year for a nice prelit tree on clearance. Cause I'm not gonna spring for a new one this year.

I also did all the monthly shopping yesterday that I hadn't done already. It really wasn't that much because I'd already been to Sams and I have instated a clean out the pantry and freezer rule for the month. They're too darn full! Like if the Apocalypse came we could survive for months full. Now that in and of itself isn't so bad, but some of it has been in there for quite a while and is nearing the end of it's goodness. So it's time for a purge. Plus the freezer was FULL of venison that's almost a year old and needs to be cleaned out before the hubby hopefully kills another one at Christmas. There's also a bunch of wild duck in there that needs to be eaten. I'm not very good at cooking duck so I don't really know what to do with it. I guess i'll defrost it and make the breasts into triple sec duck. Mmmmmmm that's good stuff, but it involves flames... I'm not sure I'm that skilled.

Ok, so today, I cleaned out the freezer and defrosted ALL of the venison steaks and ground venison. I then fried with italian seasoning 5 meals worth of venison steaks and made 12 meals worth of taco meat from the ground venison and 4 meals worth of meat to add to the spaghetti sauce. While I was doing that I cleaned out all my cabinets except for my little skinny baking stuff cabinet which won't take long at all. Now my feet hurt, and I'm sleepy.

Oh and I got the last of my stocking stuffers and the stuff to do all the baking I plan on doing this month! So I'm done! Go me!


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