Nicky's Fortress Cake

Well after much delay and rescheduling due to illness we finally had Nicky's birthday party on Halloween. It was lots of fun.

I made him a castle cake with orange turrets (since it was Halloween) Let me tell you's HARD to cover those darn towers with fondant! The princess castle that I made for the girls was SO much easier! Oh well! He loved it and that is all that matters. :-D

The second picture is courtesy of my darling Lishy who is the most awesome photographer on earth. :-D


Katie J said…
So cute! Do you watch Cake Boss? I just love watching them come up with cake masterpieces!
Julia said…
Fantastic decorating! I am plotting how to do Ella's b-day cupcakes but think I wont even get CLOSE to you!!!!

Glad that the kidling is on the mend now. :)
It's almost like a vacation when everybody is well.
I want your cake skills, woman!
Ms Snarky Pants said…
Katie: I have watched Cake Boss a couple of times. I'm a HUGE fan of Ace of Cakes though. I love Duff ever so much! And Mary Alice is like a slightly more evil version of myself so I can't not love her! hehehe

Julia: I love cupcakes, but I've never managed to actually decorate them cutely. I need to work on my cupcake skills! It really is like vacation! I don't know what to do with myself now that I'm not keeping track of who I gave meds when!

Susan: Years of practice, my dear. And far too much butter cream deposited on my waistline. ;)
Anonymous said…
I already told you the cake was amazing (I did, didn't I?), but you are right that second picture is fantastic. Lucky you had her on hand!
Julia Smith said…
Insanely impressed.

Happy Birthday, Nicky!
Ms Snarky Pants said…
Vixen: You did indeed! Yup, she is pretty awesome.

Julia: Thanks! He had fun. hehe

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