Meet Shadow!

He's five months old and one of the sweetest cats I've ever met. We got him this morning, and he's already made himself a part of our family.

We adopted him from the NWA Animal Rescue. There are lots more kitties if you are looking for a new family member.

He is cautious of the boys, as well he should be, but he wants to play with them too. They love him so much!

We've renamed him to Shadow. The name he got from the rescue was Booker...alas the name Booker out of Nicky's mouth is Booger. Shadow works much better. MIL is here visiting and she thought we were saying Charon. Which if you ask me would be a kick butt name for a black cat, but Bryon refused to let me change his name again. hehe


He's a cutie! Boy cats tend to be sweeter than girls, I'm told. I think both my cats are sweet in their own way, even when they sit on my forearm as I type...
Julia said…
New cats are always a good thing! He is a beautiful guy. Much like our Lucky cat.

Congrats on your new family addition. I guess it's not a baby yet... ;)
Anonymous said…
I still say Jacob would be even better *pout*

He is so cute.
Lesley Speller said…
Susan: I have noticed that too. Shadow's thing is apparently to stand on my keyboard. LOL

Julia: Thanks! Nooooooooo not a baby yet. LOL

Vixen: LOL Well if I'd gotten a puppy, I'd have definitely named him Jacob. ;)
Anonymous said…
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