Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Instead of buying or making my hubby a Valentine's Day card I crocheted him a heart. hehe

And baked him this super fantastic cake! mmmmmm It's so good! It only took two days to make...No that's not an exaggeration. Most of that time it was just sitting int he fridge though. hehe I do have to recommend that if you do that cake you do about 1/2 or 2/3 the amount of "Cake" that's on the bottom. It sorta serves as the crust, and it's a little overwhelming if you have as much as I did because it's so dense.

I also made this that was totally unrelated to Valentine's Day but fun nonetheless. I made this Beanie Baby Hat and put the rose on it. The lady who made those videos I linked to is awesome. I'm a total newb at crocheting and her instructions are so totally and completely clear and easy to understand.

Hope you all had a good Valentine's Day! :-D


Happy Valentine's dear! I love your crochet, you are a natural! But your cakes make me fat around the hips just looking at them!
Lesley Speller said…
Oy! You should see what happens when you eat them then! LOL
Amanda said…
Oh that cake looks amazing... *drools*
Lesley Speller said…
It was waaaaaaaaaaay too yummy!
Lesley said…
love the beanie you made. I knit and crochet too...but not too much as it hurts my wrists and then I can't type... ;)
Happy Valentine's Day, Lesley! Your newbie crocheting looks wonderful. Not to mention that cake...impressive!
Julia said…
Can you be my valentine next year. Seriously. I need some cake like THAT!!

You have more patience than me with that crocheting... they are pretty!
Lesley Speller said…
Lesley: I really wish I could knit too. I've been trying to learn but it takes so much concentration. And I love how quick you can make something with crocheting. I like instant (or at least quick) gratification. hehe

Julia: Thanks!

Julia: Mmmm it was some gooood cake. The recipe is pretty easy too even though it does take more than one day.

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