Finished the changes to Blood and Violets. I have it in an email and everything is properly formatted. Now I just have to screw my courage to the sticking place and click Send! LOL

I changed one of the characters names from Eric to Rune. When I wrote it, I hadn't read the Sookie novels or seen True Blood. Considering they are both blond vikings, I figured they couldn't share the same name. Actually Eric/Rune's name was originally Finn, but I stole that name for use in my real life. hehehe If we have a boy next time I'm stealing another character's name. hehe Anyone have a good alternative name for a Spanish vampire born in the 8th century previously named Beltran? LOL


Do it! Send that puppy out!
Lesley Speller said…
LMAO Actually it was taken out of my hands. Instead of heating save I hit send so it's out there. :-D
Julia said…
Send it!! And I am the LAST person you should ask for name advice from. The best I could come up with would be botanical Latin names. I'm not so good at vampires unless you want to name one something like Muhlenbergia or Navarretia.
Lesley Speller said…
hehehe Botanical Latin names might just work for say....a group of nature fairies? hehehe It's sent. :-D
Jennifer Shirk said…
Yes! awesome! Good luck!!

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