American Society for the Protection of Dragons

I was playing with my embroidery machine last night that my sweet hubby got fixed for my birthday and made a t-shirt. I embroidered on the pocket area in burgundy "Society for the Protection of Dragons" and then put a little Celtic flourish underneath. I just love it! It's so cute. I haven't quite mastered the art of embroidering on stretchy fabric yet. I think I need to get some stabilizer that actually sticks to the fabric. They have some of that at our local machine embroidery store, B Sew Inn, but it's like 40 bucks a roll!!! So I'm going to hold off and see if I can't find something cheaper. My next embroidery project I think is going to be a quilt for Nicky with Knight's and Castles and stuff. I saw one in a catalog but I think I can recreate it cuter.


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