Distant Rumbling and Grumpy Baby

Its Bikes, Blues and BBQ here in Fayetteville and I've never seen so many motorcycles in one place. There are also some scooters but not too many. If only we could have a GIANT scooter rally here... Oh well, one can but dream.

There are even motorcycles as far out as we live, and if you're quiet outside there is a constant distant rumbling. My friend, Lishy, pointed it out to me and its really lovely! Like we have the ocean nearby or something. The dogs have finally gotten used to the sound of the bikes and don't bark every single time one goes by. That was getting more than a little old. My little guy is teething and he is grumpy and hard to get to take a nap anyway so dogs waking him up when he has just fallen asleep has been more than a little irritating.


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