The Dreaded Synopsis

I've been working on my synopsis for a couple of days now and am still not completely satisfied with it. Of course, maybe I never will be. They are just about the most important thing you write. If a publisher isn't intrigued by your synopsis they sure aren't going to waste time reading your first chapters.

I've also been working on some rewrites and I have my team of lovely ladies helping me with comments! Thanks Mom, Lishy, Jenn and Manda! I should be done with my 2.1 rewrites and ready to accept comments in a week or two. Its so exciting.

Once I'm done, I'm submitting to Luna. It's a Harlequin Romance line that is focused on Strong, Magical Women! I can't tell you how excited I was when I discovered it. I've never read another description of what a publisher was looking for that was more perfect for Dana!!! Let's hope they agree! :D


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