I thought he wouldn't do this until he was a silly teenager...

So I looked down today and Finn has this terrible purple bruise on his arm. I started racking my brain to figure out how on earth he got it.

Could I have pinched his arm in the car seat?
Did I somehow squeeze his tiny little arm too hard when I was moving it out of the way to nurse him?

So naturally I felt like an incompetent parent and was sure that someone would see it and like call the state on me for abusing my tiny baby!

Then as I was snuggling him to burp him and he was sucking on his arm as he does quite often, I realized where his bruise came from.

That's right folks!

My six week old gave himself a hickey!


Vixen said…
Practice makes perfect!
Me said…
Jenn: Yeaaah hehehe

Vixen: This is true!

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