Thursday Thirteen #52

13 Steps for Changing a Poopy Diaper

1. Look down an see yourself and baby covered in nasty poop.
2. Place infant in bassinet changing area.
3. Strip down to panties as they are the only thing not covered in poop.
4. Strip infant down to nakeeness.
5. Wipe infant down with warm washcloth.
6. Realize one wasn't enough and use another washcloth.
7. Realize that wasn't enough and use about 2 dozen wipes.
8. Diaper infant.
9. Dress infant.
10. Treat all poopy clothes with Spray 'n' Wash.
11. Dress yourself.
12. Sit down to snuggle sad baby and realize the boppy cover was also poopy.
13. Change clothes again and strip boppy cover, remembering to pretreat!

Well that was the nastiest diaper ever, but he's worth it! I'm so thankful I was at home when it happened!!!!!!!!!!


Vixen said…
That just cracks me up...

Those ones always snuck up on me at the mall.
Me said…
Ugh the mall! I'd just run away!

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