To color or not to color...That is the question...

So here is what I'm thinking about.

I really want to get something close to my natural color that will cover up my gray and then add some highlights, but I don't know if I'm brave enough. Lord knows I've colored my hair enough times, but highlighting is a new one for me. I'm afraid it won't be very forgiving since my hair is so straight, and I don't want to look striped!

What do you think?


Anonymous said…
I really want to do highlights too, but don't trust myself, hehe.
Anonymous said…
I highlighted my hair for the same reasons--to blend the few strands of gray I was seeing. Bleh.

My hairdresser did the foil and I love it! She does low and highlights and it looks really natural. :)
Anonymous said…
I think highlights are an awesome way to bring depth and color to hair, especially straight hair.

I want to see pictures if you do it!
Anonymous said…
Jenn: It's two steps...First I did my hair color and loved it until my husband said..."Is it purple?" Umm no! It's mahogany! It wasn't dry yet and he has retracted that statement. Then I highlighted it and liked it and he said..."Are the highlights orange?" Dang it, husband!!! Way to ruin a girl's day!

Jennifer: I'll bet that looks fabulous!

Vixen: Pictures are coming soon as soon as I can manage to pull myself together enough to actually put on makeup and take a few. LOL I got a haircut too that's totally cute!

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