Books that don't talk just suck!

Now admittedly I think this thing looks cool, and I'm a Leapfrog-aholic. My son loves his Clickstart and his Leapster with a passion, but seriously this commercial makes me want to barf!

I mean this commercial basically says that any book that doesn't speak in Sponge Bob's voice isn't worth reading! Personally I think that Journal of Amphibious Species looks pretty darn cool. Check out those pictures! I'll bet you could learn a ton about froggies!

Maybe I'm overreacting. It just seems so condescending to me!


Anonymous said…
Hmm... that kind of ticks me off too. My daughter just brought home a cool book from the library on sting rays. She loves having me read it to her.
Anonymous said…
I don't think you are over-reacting. Seems like a bad idea to say any book is bad, especially if you are in the business of selling books!

I have begun a search for some scooter fabric!
Anonymous said…
Jennifer: One of my favorite books as a child was all about the animals of the world and had tons of pictures and cool facts. It didn't talk! I still loved it! Come to think of it the ones that I had that did talk (they came with a record...yes, I know...what's that?) I can barely remember. They were fun too, but hardly the only kind of books we need!

Vixen: Definitely! All books are wonderful! Okay...maybe not all books, but most books. :-D

Yay for scooter fabric! I'll keep my eyes open too.

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