Vote!!! Do it!!! You know you want to!

Vote for whoever you wanna vote for! Just pleeeeeaaaaaaase vote!

There is some foul language in this video so if that kind of thing offends you don't watch it.

On a side note: Ground venison is sooooooooooo lean that you don't even have to drain it after you brown it! At least Bambie's Daddy that I just cooked is. I'll bet farm raised is fattier.

One last thing: YAAAAAY The vice presidential debate is tonight!


Vixen said…
You know what I just realized???? I moved and I have to register to vote all over again! And the deadline is Oct 20th. Thank God you posted this. I have printed out 10 copies so I can get all of us (and anybody I come across)registered.
Me said…
Yay! I did my civic duty and reminded someone to register! I'm so proud!

You know I moved and I never changed my registration that I can remember, but somehow it changed... I've voted in the last four elections with no trouble at all. Maybe I did change it at some point... I worry about my memory sometimes. LOL

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