Rate My MD


Go to this site and rate your doctor. If you love them or hate them, just let people know.

No, I don't own stock in the company or anything, but I really don't like my doctor and want a new one. The problem is there is just really no way to know what you're getting when you pick a doctor from a quick spiel on a website that usually only includes where they went to school and how long they've been practicing. They don't let you know things about their bedside manner. Like for instance, that you might walk in wanting help with your weight problem and being ready to do something about it and walk out with tears in your eyes feeling ashamed of yourself. These are the kinds of things I want to know!

But very few people actually rate their doctor on this site in my area and I haven't found any other similar resources. If I can convince a few people to do it then I'll be happy. Maybe they'll convince a few others.

Wish me luck! I just changed my PCP. I hope this one is nicer! *crosses fingers*


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