Lean Cuisine Reviews #2

Roasted Garlic Chicken Pizza - I absolutely LOVE this one! Just make sure that you don't have to have any up close and personal conversations with anyone soon afterward who didn't also eat one, because we're talking SERIOUS garlic breath!

Sesame Chicken - One of my all time favorites. This one could use a little bit of salt, but that's why my salt shaker is never far away.

Santa Fe Style Rice and Beans - Meh. I'm not sure how much one can really expect from Rice and Beans. They weren't bad, but they were nothing to write home about. They did have a bit of burn to them. Now that's fine with me. I like things spicy, but some people might not like that about them.

Tortilla Crusted Fish - Wow! Just wow! I was skeptical, but this was scrumptious! The soft springy texture of the fish together with the crunchiness of the fish was so good, and the spices of the flavor of the rice left nothing lacking!


Ooh, these all sound good. I'm putting them on my list for when I start eating again. :-) I suppose the rice & beans could be spiced up, but sadly I can't add bacon fat to them like I used to for extra flavor! LOL

MsSnarkyPants said…
Susan: Bacon fat makes everything better! Green beans are their very best when cooked with bacon, garlic, and brown sugar. hehehe

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