I figured out what is wrong with Blood and Violets!

It has it's own plot, but it doesn't incorporate any of the series (wow I had to try to spell that four times before I got it...I must be tired) plot into it. I was having a terrible time with Dark Waters, until I reworked the plot to include something that builds into one of the other book sets.

I guess I should go back and work on Blood and Violets since I can't submit it until I get it like I want it, and I can't submit Dark Waters until I get Blood and Violets right. But Dark Waters is going so well I don't wanna mess with the momentum.

Ah so many things to ponder.

I also finally got a good playlist together for Dark Waters, which always helps.


Jennifer Shirk said…
Eureeka! That's gotta feel good to figure out a problem like that. :)
MsSnarkyPants said…
Indeeed! Now I just have to figure out HOW i'm going to rework the plot to make me happy. hehehe
Julia said…
How did you get started with a publisher or editor or I dont know... Maybe you can send me an email on how you publish your work. :)
MsSnarkyPants said…
I emailed you, Julia

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