The Topsy Turvy

Okay, I'm sure you've seen the infomercials for these things.


Well I was impressed (as I usually am by infomercials) and while I wasn't impressed enough to buy them from the infomercial I was impressed enough that when I saw them at walmart I had to pick one up.

I had gotten a tomato the week before, and I figured I'd transplant it from the pot I had to the topsy turvy thing. Then I got to thinking...I really hate tomatoes. So I wouldn't actually be eating any of my hard earned food. So when I saw the ad again and noticed they said you could also grow zucchinis in it, I decided to get a yummy delicious zuchinni plant instead.

Unfortunatly allt he zuchinni plants looked kinda pathetic, but I bought a little droopy one anyway. Well then I got distracted and didn't plant it for a few days...or water it... Yeah remember, I'm the plant-i-nator. So by the time I actually got it planted in the topsy turvey two of its four leaves had shriveled up, but I planted it anyway hoping that the WONDERS of the awesome topsy turvy would bring it magically back to life.

AND IT DID!!!!!!!!!!

It's totally exploded in the last week. the remaining leaves are growing all the way out from under the sides of the planter and there are a bunch of new leaves too.

You do have to water it quite a bit, because the water runs out the bottom and the green house effect inside the planter keeps the roots really warm so they dry out fast, but as long as you water it once a day you're all good.


I give my highest recommendation of the Topsy Turvy as a renowned murder of plants! It's the coolness.


Julia said…
OK lady I will say in your case it is acceptible to plant in some weird upside down contraption but NORMAL people put their plants in the dirt! LOL. But if you get veggies out of it who cares right?
MsSnarkyPants said…
Well we plant murderers have to take what we can get! I did just plant my basil in the dirt because it hated being potted. I guess I should have seen that one coming. hehe

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