Screwing with the Car Warranty People

*Phone rings, and it's the obnoxious "WARNING your car warranty is about to expire..." so hubby presses one and waits*

Telemarketer: Hello this is **** from the *****.
Hubby: Hello, son. This is Father John.
Telemarketer: Hello, sir. I would like to...
Hubby: Do you guys only insure cars, because I've got a church van I'd like to insure?
Telemarketer: Yes, sir, but I would like to...
Hubby: Are you a Christian?
Telemarketer: Yes, sir, but I would like to...
Hubby: I have to know if you have let Jesus into your life.
Telemarketer: Yes, I have.
Hubby: I have to be sure. So you're telling me that you know Jesus?
Telemarketer: Yes, sir, I do.
Hubby: Do you pray?
Telemarketer: Yes, sir, but back to the warranty...
Hubby: As a Christan, how many times a day do you pray?
Telemarkter: *getting angry* I pray 17 times a day!
Hubby: And you call yourself a Christian, son? A good Christian should pray no less than 20 times a day!
Telemarketer: Nevermind...*click*


Jenn said…
LMAO....... that is PRICELESS
*wiping tears from laughing too hard*
MsSnarkyPants said…
Jenn, Julia: *Giggles* He cracked me the heck up too!

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