If I seem grumpy...

...it's because I've had a craptastic week!

Sunday, we came home from my parents. We had a great time with them, but it's a four hour drive, and I've discovered Finn is none too fond of riding in the back where he can't see me on long trips. He screamed most of the way down there, and only didn't scream on the way back because I got on the floor in the back wedged between the seats and the dog crate (I removed the very back seats to fit the dog crate in) letting him play with my hair - it's a dang good thing my hair is like waist long or that wouldn't have worked at all - and talking to and tickling him. So after four hours of that, I was ready to come home relax maybe start some laundry and have a good afternoon of nothing but relaxation.

Well, when we got home it was 90 degrees in the house and turning on the air conditioner full blast didn't bring it down a single degree! Okay, I'm exaggerating! It wasn't really 90 in the house. It was 88!

Now we knew our air conditioner was on it's last legs, but why it decided to take that particular day to die completely I have no idea...

So I take Nicky, and we go to Lowes to pick up an air conditioner. I pick out a 10,500 BTU Samsung that looks good and should keep our main area cool and head home with visions of installing it in a snap and posting on twitter about how I'm basking in the arctic air of my new air conditioner while sipping a diet coke and doing jobs in Mafia Wars or missions in Vampire Wars. Getting it out of the store was a chore, because of it's size, and apparently I looked overwhelmed because 3 different people asked me if I needed help with it, who didn't even work there! Such sweet guys! I was astonished at the kindness of random strangers!

-280 bucks from my bank account.

So I get home and lug the air conditioner into the house with Bryon's help and pull it out of the box, and we start the big process of removing it from it's chassis so we can mount the frame in the window, when I look at the back and see a HUGE dent in the side. I have no idea how it could have happened because the box looked fine and was still sealed. So we put it back in the box and put the 70 lb box back in the car and go back to Lowes to exchange it. Exchanging it isn't a big deal, except for the whole schlepping of the box. I and the lovely lady at the Lowe's desk take the new one out of the box to make sure it's not dented, which it's not! Thank goodness!

+280 bucks to my bank account...-280 bucks from my bank account.

So back home we go with our new air conditioner and still visions of posting about the wonders of it's coolness. This time in my vision I'm imagining sipping something stronger...say maybe a mojito or a mint julep?

So home we go, and take it out of the box and start installing it. When Bryon sees the instructions, he's convinced there is no way the mounting instructions are going to work on our house. The instructions have this picture of a huge window ledge on the outside to which you can screw in a mounting thing. On our house, it is just metal window and then the side of the house. So I go back to Lowes and ask them what I need, because they have the whole aisle blocked off unloading a palette of air conditioners. She gives me a "universal" mounting thing that looks good, and what do I know? I've never installed an air conditioner.

-35 bucks from my bank account.

So I get it home and Bryon takes it out of the box and starts installing it only to realize, guess what, same problem. It needs to be mounted on the outside of the window... there is nothing but air on that side of the window!!!

So upon further perusing of the instructions, he decides we probably don't have to have anything supporting it on that side. He then starts to install it and realizes that due to either house settling or just craptastic installation our window is completely and totally defunct. Like it should be square with the window sill...a nice flat transition. Instead, on one side the metal part of the window sticks up about 1 inch and on the other it sticks up about 1/2 an inch. So back to Lowes...Trip 4.

We buy a board and have it cut to the right length.

-5 from my bank account.

We get home again and realize it's not quite thick enough and have to cut a piece of left over plywood from another project to make it high enough. We then screw that to the window frame so that we're able to screw the frame of the air conditioner to the window.

So finally, I sit down about 9 that night...I wouldn't call it arctic air by any means. It keeps the house moderately livable. It usually stays below 80...

So Monday I called and made an appointment to get an estimate on a new central unit. Monday was crazzzzzzzzy at work, but my boss and I got a project done that usually takes weeks or months depending on the contributions of others done in 2 days because of a sudden crunch deadline. Go us!

Tuesday a lovely man came out and sold us a new air conditioner condenser and blower...we won't even talk about how much that cost... They are way behind because of the record breaking heat, and we should get it installed early next week. They haven't called us yet to make an appointment...That concerns me so I'm calling them tomorrow.

So Tuesday Nicky got sick. Nothing too awful just a fever and yuckiness, but fevers make us very nervous because he had a febrile seizure when he was one. He was mostly better by Thursday, but then Finn got sick Wednesday night/Thursday morning. He's got fever and is miserable. Poor little guy hasn't ever had a fever before. And on top of that my brave little sweetie has an AWFUL yeast diaper rash! Just popped up out of no where. I guess his immune system is working overtime on the virus instead of keeping yeast at bay.

So I woke up at 4 to him reallly hot again so I gave him a little motrin and changed his diaper to keep it from getting worse and then couldn't go back to sleep because, guess why? Yup, now I'm sick! I'm so stuffy and my throat hurts and I'm just all around not feeling great.

So I'd like for this week to be over now...thanks!

I'm taking Finn to the doctor this morning if his rash isn't remarkably better by say 10. It looks just awful! Poor little puppy. He's so brave too. Almost never pouts about anything, but it reallly hurts him to get his diaper changed. :(

Okay...I'm going to try to go back to sleep now that the sinus meds I took have kicked in...Wish me luck!


Julia said…
Holy S lady!! Let me buy you a drink or something.

I think it is a law that all A/C units break at the onset of hot weather. They have no choice!

I hope the kids are feeling better soon. We're sick too. Snot and more snot with crying. Lovely it is!!
MsSnarkyPants said…
MMmmm I think I need a drink! A nice cold drink! They seem to be feeling better. I'm feeling worse. bleck! I hope you're all better soon!

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