Okay...This is Weird

Alright...so I was a bit on the bored side, and I like playing games with google. So I was typing in some of my characters names to google to see what happens.

Markus Canamore is one of my heroes, but his name used to be Markus Patrick until I decided to change it. I typed that into google and the third thing down...

Markus Patrick Luebke Jr's Facebook page.

Okay not all that weird, until you know that my maiden name is Luebke. Now I don't know this person. I would have to assume we are at least very distantly related as Luebke is not at all a common name. I'm tempted to add him as a friend, but that would be a long explanation of why I found his name and I don't want the poor guy to think I'm stalking him or anything. LMAO

So okay that's my weird moment of the day. :-D


Jennifer Shirk said…
Oooh, that is a kinda Twilight moment. LOL
MsSnarkyPants said…
Yeah, I kept expecting Rod Sterling at any moment. ;) hehehe
Jenn said…
You should add him as a friend anyway, I went through and send a message to everyone with my last name and then added them. Found lots of distant cousins, LOL. Actually will meet up with one of them next time I go to Dallas.
MsSnarkyPants said…
Jenn: Darling, the difference is that you are a social butterfly and I am about as antisocial as they come. ;)

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