I'm a Horrible Plant Mommy!!!

I planted a flower bed early this summer and then laid down mulch...I thought that meant that the weeds wouldn't grow back. How wrong I was! I didn't know that you had to lay down some kind of cloth down t keep the weeds from coming through!!! So Nicky kept me busy pretty much ALL summer and I ignored my poor flower bed until today. I went after it with the weed eater and my hands. Should have worn gloves too! I'm gonna regret that tommorrow. After I used up all the battery my sad little weed eater could give I started yanking weeds. I discovered that all but three of the poor roses I planted this spring (I think there were about 8) died. And one little sad Mr. Lincoln (red) rose was just clinging on to life despite having become food to whatever lived in that grass! I did as much as I could before Nicky started screaming. For some reason he gets just horrified when I'm outside and he can hear either the weed eater or the lawn mower. I think he thinks they are trying to eat me or something! So I'm going to try to finish tommorrow. I tell you I felt like a horrible person! The Roses will refer to this as the Summer of Doom if they make it through winter to tell the new ones I buy next spring.

I haven't gotten much done lately because I've had family from out of the country visiting, but I hope to get back to work soon. First, however, I've got ALOT of cleaning to do! We're adding a room on, which will be great when it's done, but until then it's kinda a pain. You have to navigate a deathtrap to get to the front door and the back door, which is where the new room is being added on is a three foot jump up to the door. Plus I have to get my bedroom where the circuit box is cleaned so that Jerry, our carpenter, can actually get to it because the bed is right in front of it! And I have to get Nicholai's room which has been a mess since we painted and put down new flooring because I put everything in there to get it out of the way. He sleeps in our room anyway so its not dire but Jerry has to take the window out of his room and get in to sheet rock. ARRRGHHHH Someday I swear I will have time again!


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