Pass your Plate and Vampire Goodies

First the Vampire Goodies! As a way of clearing my palate from my Dana revisions to prepare my self for the absolute final after that I'm sending you to the publisher revisions, I've been reading the next book that comes after Dana. Click Me for a teaser of Arrianna Penndragon. It’s not quite finished yet and it’s been a LONG time since I've worked on it so I was trying to get in the mood to finish the outline. I'm totally digging it. I can't stop reading when I'm supposed to be going to sleep. Arrogant? It's not meant to be...but I just love vampire stories! Especially right now cause I'm totally Dragon saturated. There are dragons in this one too though. They do a great deal of interacting in these stories.

So on to Pass Your Plate...

Lishy and I went to this store, where they have all the ingredients and everything ready for you and you put together meals that you can take home and freeze. We did the Split 10 deal and got a free meal because it's their grand opening special. You basically fix a dinner for 4-6 people and then split it which is just enough for our families. So we walked out of there with 22 nights worth of meals for only 175 with tax. Plus they are not unhealthy at all. Don't get me wrong if you're on a 1000 calorie a day diet this is probably not for you, but they are a healthy sensible dinner in the words of the Slim-Fast folks.

It was supposed to take an hour and a half...

We walked out of there after 3 hours!!!!!

What does that say about us?!?!?! Okay so we're slow, bite me. But we had fun doing it!!!

There are stations for each recipe, and you mix up your meal and then pop it in the fridge.

At the very first station...I'm all gettin’ in to the grove and KERPLOP down goes the chicken broth all over the floor!!! I'm so lame! So the poor helper guy had to come clean it up for me. He was really nice about it though. They are cool they don't hover over you, but they are there to help you if you're having issues shall we say? Kinda like I was when I made the salmon croquettes. I dunno if y’all have had salmon croquettes but they are supposed to be pretty solid. I have NO idea what I did to mine but they were about the consistency of lumpy mayonnaise. We added some more bread crumbs and that helped a little but I dunno how great they are going to be.

One thing that annoyed me a little was that they had no latex-free gloves. I'm allergic to latex so my hands were hurting by the time I finished all the stations that had chicken. You're required to wear gloves for those. Ironically however you don't have to wear them for the stations with eggs. There is salmonella in eggs too! But I can forgive them. They are just starting the business I'm sure they'll get some latex free gloves. I intend to put it in the suggestion box.

I hope the food is delicious! It looks realllly good. If it is we are SO doing this every month. I have a baby and a job and with my writing that doesn't leave much time for cooking.

Oh one more thing!!!! They were playing Christian music. The thing is I didn't even notice until I heard Love Shack come on and started grovin'! Then the words were....wrong. It was in fact not Love Shack but Meshach... Lets just say it was ...unique.

Well I'm off to read more Arrianna! Enjoy your evenings!


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