Woo Pig!

O Lord! It's hard to be humble.
When you're perfect in everyway.
I can't wait to look in the mirror.
I get better lookin' each day.
To know me is to love me.
I must be one heck of a fan.
Oh, lord! It's hard to be humble.
When you're an Arkansas Razorback Fan!

Okay I'm better now! We had a great game today so I'm still excited! We beat number two in the nation, Auburn! Yay us!!! And we didn't just beat them! We beat them soundly!

After the game we went to Applefest and then to a party for work. So it's been a darn busy day! I'm just settled down now to do some writing. That is if Nicky stays asleep so that I can. He was pretty tuckered out from all of the partying.

Back to working on Arrianna. I'm writing a fight scene and those always make me slightly uncomfortable. I don't fight...well not ussually...So its kinda difficult. Hmmm...I don't drink blood either. Why does it not bug me to write those scenes. That's got to be something that a pshycologist could pick apart. :D


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