Reality Check...

Wow! I'd forgotten how really strangely my mind works when I'm writing. Like it keeps writing even though I'm not actually trying to. It doesn't do it when I'm editing just writing. I've written about 20 pages of Arrianna in the last few days, which is more than I've written in ages and actually enjoyed it. Seems like when I was getting my creative writing degree it was more work than pleasure. That on top of the fact that I passionately hate writing short fiction and knew they were going to just tear it apart anyway cause it wasn't all angsty and drug-filled. Well most of it wasn't. It's wonderful to be back in familiar worlds that I enjoy writing about.

Its just that...

Well the world follows me out of the book to be quite frank. I was driving home from the Applefest this weekend and the trees on the mountains were just starting to change and I was thinking. "Jeez, it's pretty but its going to take forever to get over that mountain in this carriage." At the time I was writing a long trip. Then I was like, "Uh no its not, stupid, this is a car not a carriage!"

I also go through personality shifts depending on the character I'm writing about. Dana is strong willed but painfully polite. Arrianna to explain it. I wouldn't say she is weak by any stretch of the imagination, but she doesn't fight back against everything the world throws at her nearly as hard as she should, and she is witty with a tendency to be a little rude. Let's hope no one slaps me for being a smartass while I'm working on this book.

I'm planning on starting final run through of edits for Dana next weekish. We shall see how it goes.


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